How to Choose the Best Accounting Books and eBooks Online?



You’ve gotten a brand new device that possesses the option of reading various eBooks, but you’re all tapped out, since you spent most of your money on the device. Now you’re looking for a place where you could get some free books, so you can enjoy them on your new device.

There are various web sites that offer the possibility of downloading books. Web sites like Kindle bookstore, Google eBookstore, or Barnes and Noble are great places for that. However, they charge for their downloads, so that’s out of the picture for sure. So, what can you do? Well, there are numerous places where you can download free books, and we are going to show you how to do it and where to get them. These are just some of the web sites that offer this service.

Project Gutenberg

ipad-as-book-cjrProject Gutenberg is a great web site where you can find various types of books, from books about accounting, to children’s novels. It was started way back in the ’70s as a collection of books that its owned typed by hand so he could digitalize them. This project now contains more than 33,000 books, and all of them are in the public domain! That means that all the books found here are free and are available in various formats.

manyAs we have seen, Project Gutenberg is a great project; however it only offers books in text-only mode. Some people might find that a bit dull, and it you’re one of them, than is just the place for you. This project offers the same services as Gutenberg does, but has more appeal to it. These books have covers, summaries and reviews, and are available for download in more than 20 digital formats! And, of course, all the books are free!


Website-LogoThese websites offer free books, but in a different way. It splits the book into several smaller segments, similar to what newspapers and magazines do. This web site does the following: you choose a book, and they sent you a segment of the book each day. Of course, every chunk of the book has some advertisement in it, so you could enjoy them for free, and the publisher of the book gets paid. Perfect!


logo_feedbooksFeedBooks has thousands and thousands of eBooks in their store, ant they are all free to be downloaded. They have various books, novels, expert literature such as books about accounting, poetry collections, and so on. Now, this collection is not very big, it’s smaller than all the previous projects we mentioned, but, at least it is free, and that’s something you shouldn’t forget.

Now that you know that there are web sites that host various collections of books online, and they are all free, there is nothing stopping you from downloading them straight to your device and enjoy them all day long. The more books you download, the more fun you’ll have reading them over and over again. And the best thing is – it’s completely free!