Boating Safety Tips to Consider on Every Trip on the Seas

boatBoating safety is all about preparing both you and your vessel or jet skis for the times you are going to be out at sea. It only takes one moment of loss of focus, then all of a sudden you find out how fast a bad situation can get worse. The best thing you can do to limit any chance of something going wrong out on the water is sticking to this list of boating safety tips from our friends over at

Make sure that you are having regular check-ups from a skilled boat mechanic. While everything might look good to you, a tiny problem can become a major issue miles out at sea. Your mechanic can spot potential trouble and make the minor repair before that becomes a huge emergency repair.

Leave word with someone who is staying at shore where you are going for the day because if something bad happens, you want a crew looking for you as quickly as possible. This could be the difference in a rescue crew finding and helping you in an hour or a day.

Take time to fill the boat with plenty of fuel before you head out for the day, then take note where the local stations are so you can make a stop if one or more of the stations are not open. Running out of fuel when a fast moving storm is approaching could be a matter of life and death.

Invest in more than enough life jackets for you and every passenger that will be on your boat. Don’t assume your guests have their own life jackets, buy extra. If you have too many people and not enough life jackets, they can not safely ride in the boat. If they fall over and you can’t find them, you are responsible.

Keep a charged cellphone in some type of waterproof device for emergency. Better yet, invest in a satellite phone that can get a signal in any location. These are especially important if there happens to be trouble with your boat radio.

Never mix alcohol and boating, regardless how close to shore you may be traveling. If you become impaired, you may not notice the swimmer or the kids on a flotation device and cause serious injury or death by hitting them.

Take this list with you or commit it to memory, it will come to serve you well as you spend more and more time out on the water with family and friends.